24 Perfect Wrapping Paper Designs For Christmas

All wrapped up. There is wrapping paper and wrapping paper. These are the ones we’ll be bundling up our parcels into this year. After all, it’s all in the presentation.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts: a maxim that we are generally very much on board with. And yet, when it comes to the art of giving, it is undeniable that getting the package right sets the tone beautifully. What is more delightful than coming downstairs on Christmas morning to the sight of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree? To hit that magical note, these are the wrapping papers you’ll need.

By Nancy Alsop
Updated November October 2022


Window Christmas Wrapping, from £9.50

Rowen & Wren

Handmade Folk Wrapping Paper, Marbled Gold, £3

Kate Leamon

10 Assorted Heirloom Gift Wrap Sheets, £25

Not On The High Street

Polar Bears Mixed Christmas Wrapping Paper Set, £9.95


Winter Berries Graphic - Print Rolled Wrapping Paper Set Of Five Sheets, £14


Christmas Magic By Emily Chapman, from £6.15

Cambridge Imprint

10 Sheets Of Christmas Red Papers, £2


Very Merry Wrapping Paper, £8

Not On The High Street

Gingham Christmas Wrapping, £5.50


Winter Dogs Wrapping Roll, £7.95

Nancy & Betty

Fair Isle Christmas Wrapping Paper, £9.95

John Lewis

Winter Fayre Fairground Gift Wrap, £4.50


Gold Foil Nutcrackers Roll, £4.50


Christmas Green Recyclable Wrapping Paper Set - Eco Friendly Gift Wrap & Tags, £3

Cox & Cox

Alpine Snowflakes, £13.50

Pentreath & Hall

Malachite Patterned Paper, £6.50

King’s Framers

Pink Flora Patterned Wrapping Paper, £2.75


Constellations, £3.99

Rowen & Wren

Handmade Folk Wrapping Paper, Mulberyy Weave, £3


Starlit Sparkle Cotton Gift Wrap 35x35, £6.95

Choosing Keeping

Christmas Wrapping Bundle, £15

Molly Mahon

Marbled Pink, £3

Choosing Keeping

Assorted Love Wrapping Papers, £15

Not On The Highstreet

Victorian Ice Skating Christmas Wrapping Paper, £3

Nancy Alsop


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