In the battle against the cost-of-living crisis, a pressure cooker could be your secret weapon.

Pressure cookers came into the consciousness of the busy cook in the 1960s, predominantly as a time-saving gadget. We now know that they are also excellent at preserving vitamins and nutrients and, in even better news, that they are highly economical.

Pressure cookers are fast and use up to 70 per cent less energy than ordinary cooking. They are great for batch-cooking, which makes your weekly shop go further. And, whisper it, they are very good at tenderising cheaper cuts of meat.

Good Housekeeping points out: ‘Most people think of them as the scary, hulking contraptions that hissed on their parents’ hobs, threatening to explode if you looked at them the wrong way.

‘Think again! Modern pressure cookers are safe, sleek and have none of the drama. In a nutshell, they work by sealing in the steam with a special lid, so it builds up during cooking.’

Some users report that it is a struggle to get the hang of a pressure cooker at first; most are quickly converted.

Writing in The New York Times, pressure cooker advocate Rebecca Johnson said: ‘After so many years of putting dinner on the table every night, the magic had begun to wear off for me. The Instant Pot reignited it.’

Meanwhile, according to BBC GOODFOOD: ‘The pressure cooker is the number one gadget for people who want to slice huge chunks off the cooking time of meat, pulses and sauces.

‘From ribs that fall off the bone, to stew, casserole or braised meat, a pressure cooker can achieve great results in under an hour.’

The pressure cooker is having a moment – and it’s hard to think of an argument against.

If you don’t already have one, put it straight on your Christmas list (see below for our recommendations).

If you do, it’s time to get out your pinny and roll up your sleeves because we’ve found nine of the most delicious recipes for pressure cookers around.

20-Minute Whole Chicken

The chicken sits on a bed of vegetables, which adds flavour to the stock, in this super-speedy recipe. Find the recipe here.

Lemony Prawn And Pea Pressure Cooker Risotto

Imagine the delicious indulgence of risotto – without the stirring. Find the recipe here.

Pressure Cooker Bolognese

This recipe promises all the depth of flavour you get when you simmer a Bolognese for hours – in a fraction of the time. Find the recipe here.

Instant Pot Butter Chicken

We reckon that, if you keep your wits about you, you can create this curry faster than Deliveroo could get one to your door. Find the recipe here.

Pressure Cooker Beef Curry

The sheer tenderness of the beef in this curry exemplifies the joys of a pressure cooker. Find the recipe here.

Instant Pot Lentil Soup

Look no further for a rapid midweek winter warmer that is packed full of goodness. Find the recipe here.

Asian Short Ribs And Herb Salad

We bet you never thought you could produce melt-in-the-mouth meat, in a rich and sticky sauce, in under an hour. Find the recipe here.

Pressure Cooker Thai Red Curry

Image: Marcus Nilsson
Butternut squash is the star ingredient in this zingy curry that cooks while you set the table and pour the wine. Find the recipe here.

Instant Pot Banana Bread

And guess what? It turns out you can even bake in a pressure cooker. Don’t say we don’t spoil you… Find the recipe here.

Plus… Three Of The Best Pressure Cookers On The Market

Lakeland 5.5l Pressure Cooker, £109.99

Because this simple design from Lakeland is as sleek as they come, you will welcome it onto your countertop. Buy it.

Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Pressure Cooker, £89.99

This extraordinary model, with its 13 different programmes, is wildly popular. It is currently in stock at John Lewis but selling like the proverbial hot cake. Buy it.

Tower 6l Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, £43.29

Go big or go home. This pressure cooker is capacious, meaning you can cook large batches and freeze them for a later date. Buy it.

By Becky Ladenburg
October 2022

Becky Ladenburg

Features Editor

As the GWG's features editor, Becky has her discerning finger on the cultural pulse. She's also our go-to expert on the property market.