We take a walk through the layers of Rohan's weather proof hiking gear, that keeps you protected wherever you are in the world.

When you're on a hike, you don't want to think about what you're wearing. Your clothing should work seamlessly, letting you move freely and most important of all, giving you total weather proof protection.

Don’t let your gear be a burden; make sure you have the essentials and buy the very best. This is where Rohan comes into play.

What type of kit do you need?

The hiking gear you choose is dependent on the level of exercise you intend to take, whether it's a leisurely stroll in a tamed landscape or you plan to scurry up a rocky hillside. Think about time and distance, technical difficulty and expected conditions on the ground, due to season.

The kit you need isn’t overly affected by the duration of your hike, whether it’s a few hours or a full day. You will need to take into consideration the amount of food and water you take. However, if you’re planning on staying out over a few days, the options increase, from tents to cooking equipment.

Hike light

Regardless of distance and ascent, remember that you don’t want to weigh yourself down with unnecessary kit. When you’re on an ascent, you’ll feel every pound, even your water bottle will feel like a dead weight.

Plan ahead

Plan your route before you leave home so you know the route you’re taking or you can find walking routes easily with an online search.

Protect yourself from the elements

Cold or warm, rain or sun can affect your performance on a hike. Remember to take some extra layers if you think the weather might suddenly change for the worse. The three=layer system is important when you're dealing with varying elements.

Why choose Rohan?

Industry-leading and voted as a Which? Recommended Provider for Sports and Outdoor Equipment Shops 2022, Rohan is renowned for pushing boundaries in outdoor and travel clothing, adhering to five principles when designing products: protective, lightweight, packable, easy care and versatile. The company uses innovative fabric technologies that literally make light work of any challenge thrown at its kit.


Women's Brecon Waterproof Jacket, £200

This jacket provides complete waterproof protection and is perfect over base layers.


Men's Alpha Silver T Long Sleeved, £40

This technical long-sleeved T has been designed to provide a very comfortable base layer.


Women's Stretch Microgrid Fleece Jacket, £85

This ultra-lightweight jackets performs as a warm and comfortable mid-layer. Featuring a Packpocket™, a pocket that converts into space-saving storage by compressing the garment into itself. You can use it as a travel pillow when it’s all packed down too.

Easy care

Women's Glen Cargo Trousers. £110

These durable cargos will protect you in unpredictable weather and when washed, only take five hours to dry.


Men's Versatile Frostpoint Insulated Vest. £110

This vest is a functional layering piece, for mid layering in cold conditions or perfect as a top layer as the season changes.

Essential hiking kit


Choose hiking boots based on the terrain you’ll be crossing, and whether you need a waterproof style. Make sure your boots give good ankle support.

Men's Oboz Bridger Mid B Dry, £160.00


Pick a hiking backpack with enough space to carry your hydration kit, high energy food and spare layers.

Men's Gregory Citro 24, £115.00


Choose clothing suited to the season you’re hiking in


Good quality walking socks: invest in a good pair which will not only provide comfort but also help avoid blisters.

Women's Active Summit Socks


Trousers or shorts: make sure these are lightweight and windproof. You can buy trousers with zips so that you can make them into shorts, which is useful in warmer weather.

Women's Winter Roamers, £115.00

Three-layer system

This system enables you to cope with different weather conditions and fluctuating body temperature. The breathable base layer wicks away body moisture, the mid-layer keeps you warm and the outer layer provide the protection from the elements.

Breathable base layer

Choose a base layer that wicks away sweat and keeps you feeling fresh, which in turn will keep you warmer in cold conditions. Synthetic materials do a great job at this and dry quickly too.

Merino wool is a popular choice as well as it can absorb up to 33% of its weight in water and given it’s antimicrobial, it will help keep you smelling fresh!

Women's Merino Union 150 Long Sleeve Crew, £60.00

Insulating mid-layer

A mid-layer will keep the air locked in, helping you maintain body heat. Choose this layer to match the expected weather conditions/season. Even if you’re in mid-summer, it’s worth taking a light mid-layer in your backpack. For autumn/winter, a fleece works well as it provides warmth but also wicks away excess moisture. For very cold conditions, a thick down jacket is essential.

Mens Vale Fleece Jacket, £95.00

Waterproof outer layer

When hiking, you want full protection from the elements, snow, wind and rain. Make sure your outer layer has waterproof seams, zip vents are also useful can be useful for cooling down. You can choose between full-on waterproof protection or a jacket that is water repellent. The latter will shield you from light, unexpected showers.

Women's Ventus Waterproof Jacket, £320.00

Useful additions

Hydration equipment and food - to keep up energy levels, a reservoir, a water bottle or a flask should always be on hand. Remember to hydrate and eat regularly.

Waterproof or windproof jacket - if you haven't already catered for one in your kit, plus over-trousers in case of downpours.

A down jacket - perfect for stashing at the bottom of your backpack. They don’t take up much space and they’re great for keeping you warm.

Something to cover your head - depending on the weather you’re expecting, either a cap, scarf, sun hat or beanie

Gloves for cold weather

Sun protection - sunglasses and sunscreen

Navigation tool - most of us rely on a smartphone’s GPS but it’s worth remembering that if you’re heading off into a remote area, there might not be any coverage. Take an old-fashioned map.

First aid - Take a first aid kit including bandages (blister plasters are essential for a long hike), pocket knife, charged power bank for topping up your phone. Just in case you take a tumble, make sure you have some identifying paperwork on you, with contact numbers for emergency services to call. Tissues and insect/tick repellent are useful.

Walking poles – Once you’ve got used to walking with these, you’ll find them very useful, giving support and balance when needed.

And finally…

Take a small bag for your own litter and you could pick up any other rubbish that you find on your walk.

If you’re walking alone, tell a loved one or friend where you’re going and the likely route and duration.

Donate your old kit

Rohan’s Gift Your Gear initiative was founded in 2012. The company accepts donations of clean and undamaged outdoor kit from any brand, including waterproofs, fleeces, base layers, rucksacks, walking boots and accessories. Donate your pre-loved kit at any Rohan store, or request a free returns label via this link and post your donation.

Rohan sorts all donations and distributes them to charities, community organisations and youth groups across the UK, enabling people who otherwise might never have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in the right clothing, and providing durable, protective kit to those living on the streets.

As a thank you for donating your useable outdoor kit, Rohan will give you 15% off any full price purchase.

October 2022
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