I want what she’s having… These celebrity-owned wellness brands harness their founders’ exposure to the crème de le crème of the beauty world.

With access to the world’s leading nutritionists, gyms, trainers and products, it’s no wonder celebrities feel qualified to create their own wellness brands. After all, they’ve trialled the best on the market and now they’re using their little black books to call on the best-in-class to go one better and bring their own budding ventures to fruition.

Whether you are looking for Olympic-level health tracking or supplements from a supermodel, we’ve collated seven wellness brands that are backed – and fronted – by well-known faces, thus giving us mere mortals access to their A-list Zen.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

One of the best-known celebrities-come-wellness poster girls, Gwyneth Paltrow has built her own online empire, which spans media, e-commerce and lifestyle. Its focus is on seeking out and trialling the latest wellness, beauty, nutrition and fitness trends. Garnering a name as the go-to ‘temple of wellness’ Goop offers own-brand products to get your fix – ranging from fashion to fragrance and vitamins to vibrators. All wellbeing guises are here. Check it out here.

Kate Moss’ Cosmoss

Kate Moss, the latest player to enter the celebrity wellness arena, has bought her unique bohemian spirit to play in her Cosmoss range of wellness rituals. Focused on dawn and dusk, each edit of products includes teas and skincare that are in tune with our body’s circadian cycles – all presented in beautiful gold and olive green glass packaging. It’s cleverly curated to create not so much a skincare routine but an enhanced self-care practice to start and close your day, soulfully. Check it out here.

Elle McPherson’s Wellco

Elle McPherson’s range of nutritional greens are reported to be keeping ‘The Body’ in shape into her fifth decade. She doesn’t just look good for her age; she is *glowing*, thanks to her range of ‘ingestible wellness elixirs’, including collagen, immune support, sleep and skin. We’ll have what she’s having. Check it out here.

Halle Berry’s Re-Spin

Re-Spin, Halle Berry’s health and wellbeing platform, provides an inclusive online community for US members to learn and explore their own individual ‘wellness’ toolkit - whatever that may look like for them. Here in the UK, Re-Spin’s fitness accessories are available to buy, from resistance bands to yoga wheels, as well as a collaborative sportswear range with Sweaty Betty. Check it out here.

Alicia Keys’ Soulcare

Created by Alicia alongside board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Renee Snyder, Soulcare is a ‘meditative line-up of skincare and lifestyle staples’ – including skincare, make-up and body care, all beautifully presented in signature smoky violet packaging with a 70s feel. Formulated with empowering language to help the user feel nourished, more confident and at-home in their own skin, the range authentically echoes Alicia’s soulful signature vibe. Check it out here.

Holly Willoughby’s Wylde Moon

Holly Willoughby’s wellness platform, Wylde Moon is an online space for ‘self-discovery’ – whether that’s building self-confidence, tuning in to your intuition or understanding your own body better. With a podcast, style tips, celestial readings, recipes and an online store selling Wylde Moon’s own range of perfume, home fragrances and jewellery, it feels like a great place to reconnect and explore one’s self. Check it out here.

Jessica Ennis-Hill’s Jennis

A hormone intelligence app with a difference… this one has been created by a female Olympian who knows all about using monthly cycles to our advantage and understanding when best to train, rest and check in with your mental health. ‘Most women have their period cycle happen to them, but this is about taking back the power and mastering skills to ultimately become healthier and happier’, says Jessica. Download for smarter fitness training as well as a deeper understanding of our body’s natural cycles. Check it out here.

By Lydia Mansi
October 2022

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

Lydia is an all-round lifestyle guru, tireless champion of women in business and our resident expert on beauty.