If you’re experiencing menopausal skin changes as hormones drop, read this.

As with other hormonally driven events a woman may experience through her lifetime – namely puberty and pregnancy – the changes in hormone levels that occur through menopause can often lead to skin imbalances. The result of such fluctuations vary in their impact, and symptoms can include drier, duller, less firm and more sensitive complexion.

Whilst there is a slew of general ‘anti-ageing’ skincare ranges on the market, many are purely targeted at firming and fine lines – only a small part of the problem when it comes to menopausal skin. In this week’s edit we take a look at six skincare ingredients to look out for to support healthy skin through the perimenopause and menopause, plus seven targeted products specifically designed to combat the main effects of hormone-depleted skin during the menopause.


A drop in natural oils and lipid production can cause dryness and dehydration – look for humectant ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid for a moisture boost.


Vitamin C is the go-to super-power when it comes to brightening and adding back in the missing glow-factor. It’s great for targeting pigmentation too when applied regularly and in higher concentrations.


The decline in collagen production that occurs during the menopause years can lead to loss of skin firmness, structure and elasticity. Look for a retinol that boosts collagen synthesis, or bakuchiol – an alternative to retinol that is gentler on sensitive skin.

Fine Lines

Peptides are a common ingredient listed in skincare for ‘mature’ complexions as they can effectively penetrate the skin and send signals to cells to produce collagen and elastin, which work to plump and smooth fine lines. Some peptides can also ease inflammation and are antimicrobial, so can clear up breakouts too.


Hormonal breakouts are common during the menopause. Salicylic Acid – a naturally occurring plant acid – can help the skin shed dead skin cells, unclog pores and reduce inflammation.


Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin that can strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier to improve its resilience. It can also reduce pore size, which sometimes enlarges as we age, as well as soothe inflammation and improve uneven skin tone.?

7 Brands To Try

Megs Menopause

Rosey Rain Facial Cooling Spray, £15

A great rose-scented cooling spray to hydrate, soothe and calm red or sensitive skin. Perfect to keep on hand for when hot flushes strike to instantly cool. Buy it.


Neovadiol Plumping Day Cream, £32

As hormone levels decline during the perimenopause, skin can lose its vitality and firmness. Vichy’s targeted plumping day cream improves hydration, radiance and elasticity with a skin-quenching gel texture. Also good to know is that it’s part of Vichy’s full range of menopause-targeted skincare. Buy it.

No. 7

Instant Radiance Serum, £32.95

Co-created with over 7,000 menopausal women and dermatologists, No. 7’s menopause-specific skincare range includes this serum, created to provide an instant moisture boost - delivered by a deliciously skin-cooling metal rollerball applicator to soothe hot skin. With nourishing lipids, ceramides and peptides for long-term results, it’s great to see menopause skincare proudly hitting the high-street. Buy it.


Menopause Treatment Mask, £31

A brilliant all-rounder when troublesome, hormonal skin needs some TLC thanks to its powerhouse of ingredients including botanical oils to plump and illuminate, vitamin-rich sea buckthorn to hydrate and zinc to fight breakouts. Buy it.


MenoGlow Sleep Creme, £29

Overnight moisture loss can be exacerbated by night sweats and oestrogen dips in menopause. Prai’s ‘Meno Glow’ range includes this overnight sleep creme which is packed with ingredients to combat extreme dryness and plump skin as you slumber. Buy it.

Balance Me

The Menopause Years Kit, £47

Natural skincare brand, Balance Me has a great kit targeted at menopause skin, with plumping hyaluronic mist, nourishing rose otto face oil, bakuchiol smoothing serum (great for sensitised skin), as well as a hydrating sleep mist. A comprehensive routine, thoughtfully curated to support hormonal skin changes, gently. Buy it.


Meno-Reverse Serum-in-Moisturiser, £47

Greek skincare brand, Korres, has its own ‘Meno-Reverse’ range, designed to naturally support skin through the hormonal changes of the menopause. Their rich cream texture Volumizing Serum-in-Moisturiser is a multi-tasking product - designed to visibly plump, smooth and firm thanks to its proprietary white pine extract. Buy it.

By Lydia Mansi
November 2022

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

Lydia is an all-round lifestyle guru, tireless champion of women in business and our resident expert on beauty.