Sultry and spicy, these seasonal and atmospheric candles will suffuse your home with the scent of winter.

Just as we switch our perfumes from citrusy or floral notes in summer to darker, spicier tones in winter, so too are we drawn to cosier, more atmospheric home fragrances as soon as the fires are lit, the nights draw in and the festive season approaches. Whether it’s the lure of traditional Christmas spice or crisp winter pine and woody scents, we’ve rounded up a dozen wintery candles to gift or to get you in the Hygge-mood this November.


The Night Refillable Candle, £45

British sustainable candle brand, Pott has launched its limited-edition Christmas range of refillable ceramic candles, all inspired by the winter night sky. Choose from a trio of festive scents to fill your midnight blue Pott, including Fir, Noel and Starlight. Buy it.

Boy Smells

Ash, £98

Inspired by communal nights spent chatting around a flickering fireplace, Ash blends dry hay, black coal and palo santo to create a rich, smoky scent with fragrant juniper berry notes. Atmospheric and outdoorsy, it’s perfect if you want something wintery without being overtly festive. Buy it.


Moon, £60

Inspired by nocturnal roses that bloom at midnight, Evermore’s Moon candle is a blend of delicate rose petals and spicy hints of saffron over a rich smoky base of vetivert and cade. The perfect dark floral for winter nights. Buy it.

Jo Loves

Roasted Chestnuts, £55

Inspired by snowy New York streets at Christmas, this comforting, slightly sweet scent is evocative of flaming braziers and the scent of warm, roasted chestnuts hanging in the air. Buy it.

Tom Ford

Tobacco Vanille, £68

If you are looking for the candle equivalent of a luxury cashmere blanket to curl up under, this tobacco vanilla scent for Tom Ford is it. With creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa and sweet wood sap, it is as opulent as it is warm and comforting. Buy it.


Hazel Tree, £54

A blend of the hazel tree’s fresh green leaves with praline notes, this unexpected scent inspiration is a beautiful mix of nutty, green and deeply grounding. Perfect for bringing the outside in on grey winter days. Buy it.

Chase and Wonder

Enchanted Forest, £55

There is a Narnian feel to this striking monochrome candle votive from Chase and Wonder, which is filled with aromas of cedarwood, smoked oak, birch and moss. A magical, deep forest scent that is perfect for burning while dressing your tree this Christmas. Buy it.

Noble Isle

Fireside, £42

Evoking the welcoming sight of a flickering hearth, Noble Isle’s Fireside fragrance is a classic blend of winter spices, including warming ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla – all wrapped up in a seasonal berry votive. Buy it.

100 Acres

Orange, Cinnamon & Frankincense Three-Wick Scented Candle, £48

We are big fans of 100 Acres and this three-wick candle brings on the festivities, with its opulent scent conjuring up Christmas and wintry nights at the strike of a match. The plant-based wax burns more slowly, which in turn gives off a stronger, longer-lasting scent throw. It has a burn time of 75 hours. Buy it.

St Eval

Winter Thyme, £14.20

St Eval’s chic grey ceramic pot, carved with a twinkling star design is perfect for neutral decor homes. Filled with uplifting scents of rosemary, thyme and earthy winter wood notes, it’s a deeply calming, clean scent to give a welcome break from the excesses of the festive season and deliver a breath of fresh air. Buy it.

Beauty Pie

Hot Chocolate and Peppermint, £65

A nostalgic and surprisingly sophisticated take on the wintery treat, the fresh peppermint notes cut through the rich vanilla and cocoa for a moreish, festive scent. Buy it.

Botanical Candle Co

Last Light, £20

This wholesome scent from the Dorset-based Botanical Candle Co. is a beautiful blend of both warming spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with fresh notes of lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. Great for those who want a cosy, wintery scent without a hint of saccharine sweetness. Buy it.

Molton Brown

Oudh Accord and Gold, £42

The spicy, opulent Oudh Accord and Gold fills a room with aromas of warm amber, myrrh, tobacco, honey and vetiver. Perfect to accompany a decadent winter celebration. Buy it.

By Lydia Mansi
November 2022

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

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