Perfect your poses in style and comfort with these cool yoga accessories.

Chances are over lockdown you dabbled in some home workouts. Perhaps you’ve even stuck to some. And we’re willing to bet that amongst those that stayed the course, yoga is likely to have ranked pretty high. After all, it’s a great practice that needs little space, nor high-tech equipment, plus there is a plethora of online classes to join.

If, now, you want to upgrade your yoga kit, there is a wealth of props and aids to help improve your poses, support your twists and deepen your relaxation. Focusing on natural and planet-friendly materials, we present a round-up of twelve of the best yoga mats and accessories to try.

Main image: Dilli Grey

Yoga Matters

Yoga Asana Cards, £30

This pack of 108 visual yoga cards with alignment cues and colour is coded into sequences for you to build your own practice at home. Buy it.

Yoga Studio Store

Yoga Bag, £22

A great roomy cotton yoga bag for all your kit, from mat to blanket, bolster and blocks. It also has two external pockets for easy access. Buy it.

Sweaty Betty

Yoga Gripper Socks, £25

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sliding out of downward dog mid-hold. These grippy socks will ensure you stay in pose and keep your toes warm through your winter practice, too. Buy them.


Yoga Blocks, £25

Even the most advanced yogis can use yoga blocks to deepen their poses. These pretty marbled blocks have a smooth, shaped edge for extra comfort on your neck and palms. Buy them.

Dilli Grey

Meditation Cushion, £79

Yoga isn’t all about striking a pose. If you are looking for a comfortable seat during your Yoga Nidra practice, this pretty embroidered linen cushion from artisan brand Dilli Grey is the perfect perch. Buy it.


Yoga Mat, from £110

Liforme’s mats are often considered the ‘best in class’ by yogis-in-the —and with good reason. They’re biodegradable and PVC-free with unrivalled grip and clever alignment lines etched on the surface to help you find balance during your flow. Buy it.

Ekotex Yoga

Yoga Bolster, £41.88

Bolsters are a great prop to use in a number of poses, offering deep, restorative support. These organic cotton ones from Ekotex can be filled with spelt for a softer feel, or buckwheat for firmer support to suit your needs. Available in 10 coloured washable covers. Buy it.

Yoga Studio Store

Yoga Mat Cleaner, £12

Formulated using 100 per cent natural ingredients, this gentle yet effect mat cleaner will refresh and deodorise with an uplifting scent of lemongrass. Buy it.

Temple of Incense

Tulsi Incense, £14

Tulsi has long been used in Hindu prayer and Ayurvedic medicine and is often referred to as ‘Holy Basil’. Used to ‘purify and energise the air’, it is the perfect incense to set the tone for your mindful yoga practice or meditation. Buy it.

One Green Bottle

Water Bottle, £21

This easy-sip, stainless steel water bottle from One Green Bottle is leakproof and insulated. Perfect for keeping you hydrated during class. Buy it.


Hemp Eye Pillow, £12

The weight of an eye pillow helps your eye muscles to switch off and relax more deeply during savasana at the end of your practise. This natural hemp pillow is filled with linseed and scented with lavender oil for an even more relaxing experience. Buy it.


Yoga Wheel, £24

Yoga wheels are a great tool to have on-hand to help you achieve deeper stretches, improve flexibility and balance. With a grippy, yet cushioned exterior, it is comfortable to use in any position and is a fun addition to a creative yoga session. Buy it.

By Lydia Mansi
November 2022

Lydia Mansi

Lifestyle Editor

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