Once tried, Hedoine tights will be the only brand you’ll want to have in your closet and your legs will love you for it.

When it gets a bit chillier or your pins aren’t looking their best, the thought of going out bare-legged is just one step too far. The argument of tights or no tights continues to rage in the world of fashion but for once, why not put comfort above vanity?

Enter Hedoine tights, the brand that once tried, you won’t look back. The company’s founders felt that tights needed an overhaul. They went to Italy in search of perfection and found manufacturers who could make the best tights on the market.

Tights that make you feel good

Hedoine’s mission is to make tights, knee-highs and socks that make you feel good and are comfortable. They want hosiery to last longer than the brands you’ve bought in the past and most importantly that they are sustainable. Rated by the arbiters of all things sustainable, Hedoine tights are available at BuyMeOnce .

Are expensive tights worth the money?

The simple answer is yes as if tights last longer, you’ll spend less in the long run and there will be less going into landfill. Hedoine tights are ladder resistant so you’re already winning once you start wearing them.

Why buy Hedione tights

It’s all in the manufacture… Hedoine tights are seamless and gusset free so they won’t leave unsightly pressure or pinch marks. The waistband comes in two heights, high and low, so once on, they stay up and there’s no slippage. Gone are the days of having to hoik up your tights, these tights are designed to stay in place. The toes of the low denier range are reinforced to protect both your tights and your toes! The manufacturing process uses ladder resistant technology made from high quality yarns using 3D knitting technology.

The tights are made responsibly in Italy (the ladder resistant range) while the opaques, made from a super soft microfiber yarn, are made in the UK.

How to care for your tights: show them TLC

First off, it’s very important to pick the right size of tights. If you choose a size that’s too small, they’ll get overstretched and too big, they won’t support you and they’ll sag. Use the size guide on the website or if in doubt, call the customer services team who can advise. There is an art to putting on a pair of tights – you need to roll them on and certainly don’t yank them on. As for washing, a hand wash is ideal but if you’re pushed for time, machine wash at 30C, placing them in a mesh bag.

If you want your tights to last and be able to wear them again and again, treat them properly, the Hedoine way.

Explore the range

Hedoine sell run-resistant tights, knee-highs, socks and fishnets which will make your legs feel a million dollars.

The Bold

These seamless tights, available in 20, 30, 50, 60 or 100 denier, are super soft and ladder resistant. What’s not to love about them? Buy here.

The Biodegradable

Feel strongly about buying sustainably? Well, the 30-denier Biodegradable is the answer, the first pair of sustainable tights in the world to unify a combination of Amni Soul Eco®? biodegradable yarn and ladder-resistant technology. Good for your legs and better for the environment. Buy here.

Shop nude tights

These are for those occasions when you don’t want it to look like you’re wearing tights but you are. The 20 denier nudes, available in five shades, are delicate but hard-wearing and run-resistant. Buy here.

Fishnet tights

Your legs will be the star turn when you wear these attention-grabbing fishnets. They’re made to last and they have a firming effect too, from hip to toe as each yarn creates a knotting action that’s strong. Buy here.


Choose from opaque knee-highs or fishnets. We love the Untamed fishnet ankle socks, which add a hint of drama, especially good when you don’t want to be sock-free. Buy here.

Tight subscription

Get tights as and when you need them and by taking out a subscription, you’ll save 15%. Subscribe here.

Recycle your old tights

Who isn’t worried about landfill and the amount the fashion industry is responsible for? You can recycle old pairs, not just your Hedoines, but any tights or leggings through the Hedoine Recylcing Project. Email your details to Hedoine and they will send you a shipping address. The customer has to pay for postage but once your cast-offs have been received, you’ll get £10 in store credit. Find out more here.

And finally

Wearing tights no longer needs to define your look: they can complete your look, especially when you choose Hedoine's seriously comfortable and fashion conscious tights and socks. Shop the full range of Hedoine tights and socks here.

November 2022
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