Where to go, who to see, what to do: everything we absolutely love this week.

From shouting ‘He’s behind you!’ at Mother Goose to catching sight of a carousel brought to life in Mayfair: these are the things we’re loving this week as Christmas inches ever-closer.


Lightopia London, Crystal Palace
Until 2 January

Step into a neon winter wonderland at Crystal Palace Park, where wide-eyed visitors will be met with immersive, multi-sensory interactive light and lantern installations, as well as a spectacular festive water show. Expect to see a 40-metre-wide and 15-metre-tall water show over the lower lake, plus a light dragon who breathes 'fire'; a fantasy world of mythical winged creatures; and the spooky world of the 'Haunted Road'. Book it.


Medium London City Globe by Atelier Charlotte Bourrus, £380

The snow globe is a classic of Christmas paraphernalia. We love this reinvention by artist Charlotte Bourrus. They say: ‘Each city is an interpretation by the artist filled with narrative insight and personal stories. Made by hand in a French family workshop in Biarritz each globe is a work of art in itself presented in a labelled and signed box.’ A future heirloom, right there. Buy it.


Annabel’, Mayfair
Until 4 January

Private member’s club, Annabel’s, has pulled out all the festive stops to create this marvel of Christmas merriment. Even if you only go to peer at it from the pavement, this carousel leaping across a Mayfair townhouse, designed by Tatiana Kharchylava, is wholly enchanting; who wouldn’t feel a child-like thrill at the sight of a festive fairground brought to life? On the inside, members can bring little ones to a children’s hub that offers a host of entertainment. For the rest of us, this is the perfect pitstop to swing by on a festive trip to twinkly Mayfair. Find more info here.


Until 3 January
The Fabulous World of Dior, Harrods, Knightsbridge

Harrods, if approached at night, is already a masterclass in how to do twinkling magic. This Christmas, however, it has gone a step further, teaming up with the house of Dior to bring each of its famous 44 windows to life, converting them to ‘small theatres of wonder, with scenery made of gingerbread. An exaltation of end-of-year festive magic, through the House’s symbols and diverse universes…. A reinterpretation of sketches created during a compelling dialogue between Maria Grazia Chiuri and Roman artist Pietro Ruffo for the Dior cruise 2023 collection, this monumental work highlights the compass rose – a precious symbol dear to the founding couturier – magnified with poetic motifs, expressions of classic Dior references.’ As New Looks go, this is irresistible, non? Find more info here.


Set Of Two Nutcracker Candles, £10.95

Candlelight is the best light, bathing us in its flattering golden glow – and at no time is it more welcome than through the pallid days of winter. We adore this pair of Nutcrackers, that would bring magic to any room they light up. Buy it.


Mother Goose, Duke of York’s Theatre
15 December – 29 January

Ian McKellen and John Bishop star in Mother Goose, a panto that will tour the country until Easter, its rationale that the post-Christmas winter months are precisely the time we need most cheering up. And cheer us up it will as the classic tale delights with farce and silliness – all within the setting of an abandoned Debenham’s store. Book it.


The Story Of Art Without Men by Katy Hessel, £30

Did you know that in the whole of the National Gallery’s extensive collection of artwork from all over the world and across the centuries, just one per cent of it can be attributed to women? Katy Hessel’s brilliant book begins the lengthy process of correcting so egregious an oversight, telling a revisionist history of art and shining a light on forgotten genius, from Sofonisba Anguissola of the Renaissance to the radical work of Harriet Powers in the 19th-century USA to post-War artists in Latin America. As they say, ‘From the Cornish coast to Manhattan, Nigeria to Japan this is the history of art as it's never been told before.’ It is also the perfect Christmas present. Buy it.


Set Of Three Velvet Bow Hanging Decorations By Lisa Angel, £17

We are going traditional this year with our tree. And the best thing is that, apart from some classic red baubles, all we’ll need are these velvet bows for a Victorian-style festive tableau. Buy them here – or simply tie your own with nothing more than a roll of velvet from the haberdashery.


Ultimate Eyelashes Bundle by Narcissus London, £75

Our latest beauty crush is brilliant independent brand, Narcissus London, which has created a vegan, paraben-free Eyelash Growth Serum and Accelerating Mascara, both dedicated to the lengthening of lashes – all naturally and without the need for extensions. Use for eight-to-ten weeks to see the best results, after which time a fabulous flutter will ensue. We’ve been religiously applying and, after just two weeks, the results are undeniable. The perfect gift for beauty lovers. Buy it.

By Nancy Alsop
December 2022

Nancy Alsop


Nancy is a magpie for the best in design and culture.