All I Want For Christmas: A Sneak Peek At The Collagerie Editors’ Wish Lists

We want what they’re having: Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood’s edits reliably spark a frenzy of covetousness. These are their hot picks for Christmas.

Former Vogue editors and founders of achingly stylish shopping and editorial platform Collagerie, Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood are in possession of two pairs of the most unerring eyes in land. They are, in short, the hit-makers: that which they like is more likely than not guaranteed to be The Next Big Thing. Now, the duo who scooped GWG’s Website of the Year 2021, share the lists they will be sending up the chimney for Santa. Predictably, we want every single thing on them.

By Lucinda Chambers & Serena Hood
December 2022

Lucinda’s Wish List

Cabbages & Roses

New Penny Raspberry Duvet Set, £330

Penny Morrison

Pink Summer Flower Salad Bowl, £140


Green Multi Julia Basket, £75

Sana Jardin

Jaipur Chant Eau De Parfum, £95

Rebecca Udall

Scalloped Natural Rattan Placemat, £22


Polkra X Katie Scott Ondine Candle, £58


Medium Monochrome Porcelain Vase, £58

Casa De Folklore

Multi-Coloured Stela - Horezu Side Dish, £18

Carla Llanos

'Tulips' Print, from £40

Alice Palmer

Tangier Red Frilly Stripe Cushion, £75

Serena’s Wish List

Desmond & Dempsey

Cotton Luxe Eye Mask In Pink And Blue Bromley Parrot Print, £20


Subscription, prices vary

Dr Jackson's Skincare

02 Night Cream 30ml, £42

Rebecca Udall

Amelia White/Green Scalloped Bath Towels, from £9

Petra Palumbo

Parchment Lavender Carafe And Tumbler, £88

Noble Macmillan

Tangerine Diary, £59

Penny Morrison

Red And Orange Ikat And Stripe Cushion With Red Wavy Trim, £201.71

Alice Palmer

Oliver Stripe Tissue Box Cover, £35

Sana Jardin

Savage Jasmine Eau De Parfum, £180


Edith Stripe Polo Shirt In Blue And Red, £295